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  • Ivica
    I have been suffering from prostatitis for a long time and I went to the doctors, took various pills, but the effect is temporary, soon all the symptoms return. And Prostamine not only helped quickly, but the disease did not return for more than six months.
    Prostamin Forte
  • Ivan
    I recommend to everyone, just a month of treatment and prostatitis. Quick and simple and natural ingredients are a big plus, I don't believe in chemistry.
    Prostamin Forte
  • Luka
    Great tool, I recovered in just a few weeks, now I can at least go to a normal toilet. Prostatitis is not fun in life, do not delay treatment.
    Prostamin Forte
  • Vuković
    My father was treated for it, he had chronic prostatitis for a long time, I always heard that he got up five times a night. Prostamine healed him in just a month, but he swears that he found such a good drug too late.
    Prostamin Forte
  • Ivana
    The pain, inability to go to the toilet normally and even the erection disappears, prostatitis can almost ruin life. Now I take these capsules for only 2 weeks, but the effect is already there.
    Prostamin Forte
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