How does prostatitis affect a man's sex life?

Prostatitis is always very uncomfortable for men: urinary problems, unstable erections, etc. The quality of life associated with prostatitis is severely impaired. When the problems encountered still call for a visit to the urologist, the issue of the patient’s sex life is not always considered. In fact, sex with prostatitis is often associated with a variety of erectile dysfunction, so many patients do not attempt to have sex at all. But in some cases, the problems are not so pronounced, the patient remains sexually active, so the pleasures of sex life are not alien to him. Is it possible to have sex with gland inflammation, or are such pleasures still forbidden?

Sex life of a man with prostatitis

The prostate and its role in a man's life

First, it is worth understanding the importance of the prostate in the lives of all people. The prostate is the most important organ in the body. With its defeat, male infertility and even oncology can develop. Therefore, it is important to maintain health in general, and the organ in particular, which allows a person to maintain energy and sex life until he or she reaches age. This chestnut-shaped organ is located in front of the rectum, below the bladder, and is around the urethra.

The prostate is made up of glandular tissues that produce prostate juice and muscle structures that move this secret along the glandular channels, which eliminates the likelihood of congestion, thus preventing the development of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. The body performs three important functions:

  1. Engine. Between the lobes of the prostate are muscle structures that, when contracted, keep urine during an active erection and sperm rejection. If the prostate is not working properly, you will have erectile and urinary problems. On this basis, doctors often find that the motor activity of the prostate is impaired.
  2. Secretary. It consists of the production of a special secret that contains many bioactive enzyme substances such as cholesterol and proteolytes, biogenic amines and phospholipids, citrate citrate and zinc. This secret creates a breeding ground for sperm when ejaculated during ejaculation. Total secretion is regulated by testosterone, which is produced in the testes and adrenal glands.
  3. Barrier. Prostate juice contains many enzymatic substances and polyanes that prevent infectious agents from entering the urinary tract.

Simply put, the prostate is responsible for the potency and other functions that ensure the metabolism of sex hormones, which has a positive effect on sex life and the health of the urinary system. The work of the entire male reproductive system depends on the activity of the gland. According to the scientific classification, the functions of the prostate are divided into three main areas, but in reality there are many more. Therefore, even a slight deviation in the work of the gland can lead to quite serious consequences.

What are the dangers of prostate pathology

Many men do not take prostate pathologies seriously enough. Meanwhile, inflammatory lesions of the prostate cannot be ignored as they cause the development of dangerous genitourinary pathologies. Statistics show that after 45 years, in the absence of preventive measures, one in two men shows signs of inflammatory processes in the tissues of the prostate. In addition, 50% of patients experience chronic and advanced prostatitis at diagnosis.

Prostatitis can result in a lack of erectile function in a man

The need to treat prostatitis is due to the high risk of complications. First, it is a noticeable decrease in erectile function and sexual desire, a lack of erection. Almost all prostate and urinary tract pathologies are accompanied by similar symptoms. If a man avoids sexual intercourse, prostatitis may be suspected, especially in the absence of morning erections and frequent nocturnal urination.

Second, untreated prostatitis can be complicated by the chronicity of the inflammatory process and its spread to other pelvic structures, such as the urethra, seminal vesicles, or testicles. In addition, lack of treatment for prostatitis can lead to sepsis and abscess of prostate tissue, sclerotic processes in the prostate. In addition, neglect of treatment is dangerous for the development of erectile dysfunction, infertility, and even malignant neoplasms of the gland.

Loving males need to be especially careful because the presence of an inflammatory process indicates the presence of the pathogenic microorganisms that cause it. Frequent exchange of sexual partners threatens the development of genital infections that further provoke inflammation of the prostate. It will be much more difficult to kill more pathogenic microorganisms such as chlamydia and mycoplasmosis, streptococci or staphylococci, trichomonas or gardnerella. Therefore, methods of contraception should be used to prevent prostate pathologies and STDs, especially in promiscuous men.

Partner prostatitis is also dangerous for women because after sexual intercourse, the inflammatory process can pass through the mucous membrane of a woman’s urethra and then to the bladder, causing cystitis after sex. Therefore, the pathology cannot be ignored.

prostatitis and sex

Most patients have doubts about the possibility of having sex with prostatitis. The question is ambiguous.

Experts say that prostatitis requires some abstinence from sexual pleasure, but regular sexual intimacy is important. These recommendations are mutually exclusive, but they have room.

As you know, glandular massage is an excellent prevention of prostate congestion. And the best massage is the sexual act of ejaculation, accompanied by contraction of the glandular and pelvic muscles. As a result, the accumulated secretion, along with the ejaculate, is expelled from the gland and blood flow in the pelvis increases, contributing to the accelerated removal of decomposition products. Therefore, sexual intimacy contributes to the normalization of prostate activity.

It is recommended that a man with prostatitis have sex while maintaining an erection

If the problem is considered in terms of the dynamics of the pathological process, it is clear that the sexual abstinence shown by the practitioner is likely to cause, on the contrary, a worsening of the patient's pathological condition. It turned out that sex was useful. Practice shows that it is impossible to solve the problem of congestive prostate phenomena with the help of drugs alone, although they are extremely effective. It is necessary to take deep massage courses of the prostate, ie sex treats inflammation of the prostate. Men should remember that a lack of demand for the glandular organ, i. e. , prolonged sexual abstinence, inevitably leads to stagnation, only exacerbating the inflammatory condition of the prostate.

Therefore, prostatitis and sex are completely compatible conditions, but the stage and severity of the pathological process matters, because in some forms of prostatitis, sex can be harmful and therefore contraindicated. In addition, the illness is sometimes so severe that the man is physically unable to perform his marital duties. Therefore, a consultation with a urologist is required in all cases.

How Does Prostatitis Affect Sex Life?

Inflammatory lesions of the prostate occur in 30-40% of men aged 25-45 years and are increasingly common in young patients with similar pathologies. According to some experts, the development of prostatitis is facilitated by the lack of regular sex life in patients, which is partly true. With regular sexual intimacy, the functioning of the male genital structures has a beneficial effect, and the hormonal state is restored. But excessive activity or insufficient sexual intercourse can provoke inflammatory changes in the tissues of the prostate. In the background of rare sexual intercourse, stagnation of the prostate and pelvic structures in general is possible.

  • Stagnation of prostate secretion and blood flow contributes to the development of infectious pathologies and the chronicity of the acute prostate process.
  • But excessive sexual activity can also lead to the development of prostatitis, especially if the man becomes a partner too often.
  • Such sexual activity carries a high risk of transmitting infections that can cause prostatitis.

It affects the likelihood of developing prostatitis and the quality of sexual intimacy. During sexual arousal, blood flow in the pelvis increases, blood rushes to the genitals and prostate. When an orgasm occurs, the glands begin to contract, helping to get rid of excess blood in the vascular ducts. Therefore, full sexual intimacy is a kind of preventive method against the development of inflammatory lesions of the gland. This proves that sex is possible in the treatment of prostatitis. All that matters is how. Interrupted or too long sexual intercourse, on the contrary, increases the likelihood of prostatitis.

Unfortunately, pathologies of the prostate are accompanied by severe sexual disorders. To understand how prostatitis affects sexual life, it is sufficient to examine the possible complications of pathology, among which erectile dysfunction, i. e. , impotence, is quite common. Half of prostate patients have erectile dysfunction and weakening of erections of varying severity. And 25% of patients have problems with decreased libido and sexual desire. Such changes negatively affect patients ’quality of sexual and personal life. As a result of erectile dysfunction, almost all men experience a decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse due to prostatitis. As a result, relationships with the sexual partner deteriorate or even end.

There are also psychological problems behind the sexual problems that occur, with statistics showing that 75% of patients with prostatitis have symptoms such as psychological strain. This condition is caused by several factors, such as chronic pain during urination, erection, and ejaculation, leading to subconscious restriction of sexual intercourse.

Treatment of prostatitis through sex

So it has been said above that sex life with prostatitis is only to be welcomed, but these recommendations should not be abused, otherwise the treatment could be harmful. As with medication, dosing and treatment regimens are important. Therefore, sexual treatment of prostatitis requires adherence to certain rules.

  1. Initially, it is worth learning that sexual intimacy should be regular. Regularity does not mean much sexual intercourse here. Intimacy should occur in moderate-intensity conditions so as not to provoke further violations or cause further damage to an already damaged, inflamed prostate. The duration of such treatment does not play a role, the point is that all contact ends with mandatory ejaculation. In the case of chronic inflammation, patients are often worried about the pain, in which case sexual pleasure must be given up for a while. If the patient is still averse to sex, even in pain, barrier contraception is recommended. This is necessary to avoid the transmission of the pathogenic microflora to the sexual partner.
  2. So patients are allowed to have sex, but monogamy is a prerequisite for sex life with inflammation of the prostate - the partner of sexual intercourse must be alone. This requirement stems from the individual microflora of each person, so unwanted contact with various microbes occurs when changing sexual partners. Although not pathogenic in nature, they can still cause complications of the inflammatory process because the affected gland has difficulty fighting foreign microorganisms.
  3. If a couple has anal sex, a condom should be used because the partner’s rectum also has its own microflora that can penetrate the tissues of the prostate through the urethra, causing various complications.

Prostatitis cannot be eliminated with drugs alone, it is necessary to stimulate and massage the tissues of the prostate, which can be achieved with regular sexual intimacy.

Prevention of prostatitis

Sex is a very effective cure not only in the treatment of prostate congestion and inflammation, but also in the prevention of such conditions. What are the preventive benefits of sexual intimacy? During sexual contact, a strong painkiller is released into the male body to help cope with unpleasant and painful feelings. If the unbearable pain disrupts your normal and full sex life, you can take painkillers for free intercourse about half an hour before intimacy.

If the patient has inflammation of the prostate of bacterial origin, prostate massage is contraindicated. In this situation, regular sex helps to cope with congestive prostate phenomena and stimulates the selection of prostate juice.

If a man has regular sex with a partner, he or she will not encounter a condition like inflammation of the prostate, provided there is no other effect on the prostate gland or nearby pelvic structures. According to statistics, the likelihood of developing a prostate is significantly reduced with regular sexual activity. If a man has already discovered acute prostatitis, by exercising regular sexual intercourse, he prevents the acute form of the pathology from degenerating into chronic.

When diagnosing prostatitis, a man should closely monitor his lifestyle and sexual partners. Treatment should be prescribed by a specialist. In a sex life, it is better to focus on a woman, then regular sex accelerates healing, prevents the development of prostate complications, and saves the patient from congestion of glandular tissues.