How to eat for prostatitis

Inflammatory processes in the prostate are a fairly common problem among men aged 35-40. But prostatitis is not a sin because in most cases, the disease responds well to treatment. In addition, proper nutrition in men with prostatitis is very important, as some foods can improve overall health and increase immune protection. Which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire reproductive system, including the prostate gland in men.

food for prostatitis

Proper nutrition for prostatitis?

Almost half of effective treatments for prostatitis depend on medication and prostate massage, as well as a man’s overall lifestyle: a healthy diet and a connection to sports. It is important for a man who has been diagnosed with prostatitis to pay close attention to his diet and sports. The fact is that certain foods can damage all the organs and systems in the body. But here, properly selected products with prostatitis, on the contrary, can activate all the hidden reserves and reserves of the body’s forces, thereby helping the male body to quickly combat inflammation in the prostate.

What foods should not be eaten in case of prostatitis?

In the case of chronic prostatitis, doctors advise men to change their diet: exclude from the menu foods that could aggravate the disease.


As you know, excessive alcohol consumption has a detrimental effect on human health. In case of prostatitis, alcohol should be consumed in moderation, try to limit yourself to the minimum doses. It is also possible that your doctor may prescribe a total ban on alcohol consumption, which may be due to the fact that in some cases, treatment of prostatitis involves taking strong tablets and other alcohol-incompatible medicines.

Alcohol negatively affects the functioning of the urinary tract and increases inflammation of the prostate. In addition, you need to get rid of smoking, and the combined use of smoking and alcohol can cause serious diseases of the male reproductive system.

Beverages containing coffee and caffeine

coffee for prostatitis

It is not necessary to completely abandon the use of these drinks, but reducing their number is an important step towards restoring immunity. Scientists at the University of Cambridge conducted an experiment that showed coffee was dangerous to men’s sexual health. The fact is that coffee contains substances that are similar in structure and effect to the female hormones estrogen. These "female" substances accumulate in the male body day by day and year after year and can eventually lead to increased health problems in men: potency problems, decreased libido. In prostatitis and prostate adenoma, men should be extremely careful when consuming caffeinated beverages.

Cholesterol associated with prostatitis is prohibited

consult a doctor for inflammation of the prostate

Fatty foods are known to contain high cholesterol. How is prostatitis related to cholesterol? The fact that the body needs a minimal amount of cholesterol does not harm the body. But increased cholesterol (excess) causes serious damage to the health of every man. Cholesterol negatively affects the entire cardiovascular system. As a result, the entire circulatory process is disrupted, resulting in the following diseases in men: poor erections, premature ejaculation, inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs, and other unpleasant diseases in all organs and systems. The use of meat (fatty) in the male body releases substances that affect and irritate the urinary tract and activate the further development of the disease (inflammation of the prostate).

Baked food

This includes all fried foods (meat, vegetables, fish, ready meals, etc. ). It is almost impossible to exclude all fried foods from your diet, so try other "healthy" cooking methods (cooking, baking, stewing, etc. ). Fried food can harm not only the patient but also a completely healthy person.

Salty, smoked and spicy foods

Very salty, smoked and spicy foods not only reduce the production of the male hormone testosterone, but their composition also irritates the male urinary tract. Salt is needed by the body to maintain the body's water balance, but in minimal amounts. But it is better to forget about smoked meats and spicy foods during the treatment of prostatitis.

Fast food, semi-finished products

prohibited food in case of prostatitis

This group includes: instant meat products (slices, fish sticks), french fries, chips, pizza, cheeseburger, sausages, shop dumplings and dumplings, sauces, mayonnaise and other preserves. This product group exacerbates the acute symptoms of prostatitis and contains a number of artificial additives in the form of dyes, flavor enhancers and flavors that can damage the entire body and even cause cancer. In case of prostatitis, it is very important to omit such "plastic" foods and change the diet to more natural foods (fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, seafood and others).

Healthy foods for prostatitis

In prostatitis and prostate adenoma, doctors advise you to follow a certain diet that includes only foods that help relieve irritation and inflammation of the prostate gland and improve the overall well-being of men.

Some foods can enhance the effects of medications and speed up the overall healing process. These products are:

natural drinks

In case of prostatitis, the body needs vitamins, natural drinks contain not only the necessary vitamins, but also essential antioxidants and other useful substances. Which strengthen the prostate gland, activate and normalize its function, and flush the urinary tract while reducing general inflammation. Natural drinks include: juice, fresh green tea, uzvar, compote, etc.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain all the necessary vitamin and trace element complexes, these beneficial substances support the normal functioning of the prostate.


Cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, millet) improve metabolism, improve the passage of food through the intestines, and improve the blood supply to the pelvic organs, as well as reduce inflammation and their development.

Protein food

An easily digestible protein diet allows you to fill your body with the right amount of protein: low-fat cottage cheese and cheese.


A man should drink about 2 gallons of still water a day. Water cleanses the body, removing toxins and other harmful substances from it.


It has a healing effect, it contains all the microelements and vitamins needed by humans, and honey also has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. It is recommended to consume honey with nuts, such a "medicinal cocktail" directs the body's work towards healing.


man prepares vegetables for prostatitis

The diet for prostatitis certainly includes foods that are rich in zinc. Zinc is a trace element that normalizes the functional abilities of the prostate and is also involved in the production of good quality sperm. Zinc has a positive effect on erections and helps prevent an unpleasant disease such as infertility. There is a lot of zinc in chicken liver, in all legumes, as well as in various seafood and nuts. In order for zinc to be absorbed well and quickly, it must be taken with vitamin E, without vitamin E zinc is practically not absorbed.

Bioregulators for the treatment of prostatitis

Combined with proper nutrition, urologists advise taking medications of natural origin that normalize the metabolic processes in the prostate and prevent the development of adenoma and the prostate itself. One of the many effective treatments is zinc-plated candles. The drug relieves swelling of the prostate and also stops inflammatory processes. This medicine contains zinc, vitamins A and E and can be used without a prescription.

Can Prostatitis Be Cured With Proper Nutrition?

woman and man prepare food for prostatitis

Yes, proper nutrition for prostatitis and adenoma contributes to a speedy recovery!

Problems with the prostate gland and the entire male reproductive system can be more easily solved with a healthy diet because diet and proper treatment can help the whole body cope more actively with the inflammatory processes it contains.

It is also important to know that doctors note that a clinical visit to diagnose the disease has a high chance that the treatment will be short-term, uncomplicated, and successful. And if you add sports to proper nutrition with a man’s prostatitis, the therapeutic effect of restoring normal prostate function will double in an instant.